Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

      The wrist is a complex joint where 15 bones come together to allow specific and controlled movement.  The bones of the wrist are as follows: 5 metacarpals, (hand), 8 carpal bones, (wrist), and lastly the radius and ulna (forearm).  On top of it all many muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves also transverse the wrist.  So with all these parts working together, there can be many causes of wrist pain.  I will discuss some of the most common.

      Pain coincides with other symptoms in many cases.  Your symptomatology along with your history can help in the diagnosis of the problem.  Some symptoms may include

Sensitive to temperature
   I have put together a list of the most common causes we treat in the office. 

Peripheral Nerve Entrapment is where a nerve is pinched or compressed by surrounding muscle, bone, ligaments, cartilage, or swelling.  Symptoms from nerve compression can radiate above or below the affected area.  I have listed some below.

      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pressure is put on the median nerve in the “carpel tunnel” causing numbness, tingling and or pain in the thumb, forefinger and portions of the middle finger

Pronator Syndrome similar symptoms to carpal tunnel syndrome but the median nerve is compressed in the forearm muscles.  Repetitive motions similar to twisting a screwdriver can cause this condition.

  Cubital Tunnel Syndrome pressure is placed on the ulnar nerve in the “cubital tunnel” same as the “funny bone” and sends pain, numbness and or tingling in the ring finger and pinky

   Tunnel of Guyon​ pressure is placed on the ulnar nerve in the “tunnel of guyon” just inside the palm of the hand and sends pain, numbness and or tingling in the ring finger and pinky.  People that lift free weights and motorcycle riders are often seen with this condition.   

Pinched Nerve


Injuries to the wrist​ can be caused by an impact such as a fall or motor vehicle accident or by a repetitive action.  Overuse is commonly associated with repetitive job functions where soft tissues become inflamed and cause compression of surrounding and or underlying tissues or nerves.  Also see Tendonitis and Tendon Sheath Inflammation.

Arthiritis can include inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid and psoriatic, which are autoimmune issues and should be monitored by a rheumatologist, or osteoarthritis from long term overuse or the aftermath of a trauma seen years later.





     Treatment for wrist pain depends greatly on the actual problem.  Since chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery, the appropriate technique or techniques will be utilized to restore proper function and reduce inflammation.  The bones of the wrist and arm may be adjusted to realign and reduce the cause of the problem.  Physiotherapy, (such as ice/heat, electric stim, ultrasound and laser therapy), can aid in pain relief and decrease inflammation.  

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