Dr. McAlister shaking Dr. Dellinger's hand

Dr. McAlister and Dr. Dellinger

Dr. Allen Dellinger

Dr. Dellinger started South Hall Chiropractic Clinic over 20 years ago.  He provided excellent care to his patients and has helped literally thousands of people in and around the Oakwood and Gainesville area.  Unfortunately over the past few years he has undergone several surgeries to his neck and back.  After his surgery in July 2015, he was unable to continue adjusting without constant pain.  In January 2016  he selected Brandon K. McAlister, D.C. to assume his practice.

Dr. Dellinger wishes all his patients the best of health in the future. 
Dr. McAlister is continuing the same high quality of care and respect to all South Hall Chiropractic Clinic patients. 

Today, Allen Dellinger is persuing a new career in Real Estate.
Allen Dellinger's business card

Previous Patients

Transitioining from Dr. Dellinger to Dr. McAlister is very easy; since it is still South Hall Chiropractic Clinic.  All previous files and notes are still on site and only minimal updated paperwork is necessary.

Dr. McAlister has a very similar treatment approach and  committment to the same high level of care.