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Dr. McAlister with his two daughters

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Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, United Healthcare, and most major health insurances accepted.

Brandon K. McAlister, D.C.

Our goal is to get you better faster!  

​​          "I feel soooo much better after only one visit!! If u need some relief I would definitely recommend Dr. McAlister!"

                    - Christy P.    
​​   "Great chiropractor! Very friendly and educated me on exercises to help in between adjustments. Fast results and relieved so much pain!"

                    - Laura S. 
"Our focus is on your health and wellness, not just sickness and disease.  Treating the whole person and not just the symptoms paves a wider path toward total health and healing."

 - Brandon McAlister, D.C.

What  is  Pain?

Pain is a natural response to let you know something is not going right with your body. 
Of course you can take a drug to help cover-up or hide the symptoms.  
Wouldn’t it make more sense to fix the underlying cause?

Many patients with the following conditions have found relief with chiropractic care:

Ankle Pain
Arthritis symptoms
Carpel Tunnel
Low back pain
Mid back pain
Neck pain
Plantar Faciitis​​
Wrist Pain
  and so much more.

Also:  Auto, Work and Sports injuries

Less than 20%  of your nerves are associated with pain. 
So if you have pain, what percentage of nerve interference do you have?

What damage is it doing to you, your family and your future?
Dr McAlister and Dr Dellinger

Allen Dellinger, D.C.

Check out more about Dr Dellinger and the history of South Hall Chiropractic Clinic.

South Hall Chiropractic Clinic